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Hi, my name is Steven, I grew up in Hong Kong, and came to the UK as a teenager, worked in far too many Chinese Takeaways and Restaurants to remember, I have cooked, served, delivered, the whole nine yards. In early 2000 when I worked for an internet company, and noticed that there were little representation for Chinese takeaways on the internet, so I created this site to help the then under-represented local Chinese businesses get noticed on the internet (for free), using my 56k dial up connection, what no broadband I hear you cry...! I must have spent thousands of hours making, shaping, updating this, and the meter is still going.

Today the internet is a very different place, and a rather over-crowded one, you have to make a song and dance to get noticed, but I still strongly believe in the good old fashion "public services and value to the consumer", and wishes to take the site to the next level, so I am opening up my site for advertising in order to continue this journey.

Benefits: As majority of our pages are area specific, I thought that this is an ideal platform for local businesses to reach more potential local customers.

This site will go on promoting the Chinese catering/food businesses in the UK, but in order to make that leap, I invite you to help me to help you, we are helping each other which I really like. The site already gets many thousands of hits each month, but my aim is to hit over a million :).

As the site has been around for so many years, it is rather established and is constantly being updated, so many of the pages already rank on the top of Google searches (other search engines are available!!!), and I will continue to make this my primary objective with more and more rich contents, and get more pages to the number one spot. So I am calling upon your support...

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If you need a website, I will be happy to assist with that too. I do this with passion and pride, so please bare with me during the design phase. If you would like to know more,
Web4SME for further details.