Chinese Dim Sum
Chinese Dish with Fried Vegetables

Chinese Cooking Tips

The most common reason is ingredients, the spices and herbs which is used to brings out the taste of a special dish. Then there is the temperatures, the correct sequence for adding ingredients and the experiences of a Chinese chef, all of which are the reasons why we all prefer to visit out locals rather than try it at home.


Stir fry

The most Basic of Chinese cooking method, and takes a matter of minutes if not seconds for a dishes to be transform from its preparation stage to a ready to eat meal.  As I have already mention, timing is essential.  The basic cooking logic goes into cooking any food from which ever country.  Raw meat will of cause go first, then raw vegetables.  Raw beef will go in before say raw chicken. Onions before peas, use your common sense.  Meat and vegetable should be slice or chop finely as the ingredients will take less time to cook.  By using very hot oil (almost smoking) will lock the tenderness of the ingredients within, and seals in the natural juices and flavor.


Deep fry

Use to prepare meat such as beef or pork before stir frying, as this will "half cook" the meat allowing quicker stir-frying time.  Also used for frying battered meat such as sweet & sour chicken, but you must remember to pre-cook the meat before hand as the deep frying will not cook the meat thoroughly and may cause "food poisoning". When oil begin to smoke, it is hot enough, but remember care must be taken when handling hot oil.  Never fill more than half a pan and never take your eyes off what you are doing. always remember Safety in the kitchen



Almost all dim sums in a restaurants are steamed, which is not only good healthy food but are irresistible once you have a taste for it. One flavored Chinese steam dish is steamed fish, where by steaming you do not lose any of the taste yet keeping all the tenderness and juices within. Steaming rack can be purchased to fit within a wok, and you will also need a lid to go over the wok to keep the steam within.