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Pricing model for local traders

To all businesses*, butchers, bakers, gas fitters, electricians, hairdressers, garages and so on, for a small fee, I can promote your business on any local page, or pages if you want to widen the net.

All pricing is for a single slot at the top of the page**, there will only be one slot per page so not like other sites, you will not be sharing your advert next to a competitor. Pricing is yearly, it's that simple, no hidden fee, no pay per click, no commission-based pricing, just one single price per slot for the year, that's less than £1 a week...

If you want to see an example, to see a page with a live ad.

£49.99 per year, for a single slot/page**, the ad can also be linked (clickable) to your website if you have one.

I will create the necessary art work for FREE.

Note that there are high level pages which cover districts, so find the page you want and message me via Facebook link below a.s.a.p. To be fair it can only be first come first serve, so once it's taken, it's taken for 12 months.

If you do not currently have a website, I will be happy to assist with that too, Web4SME for further details.

Not all post code districts are currently listed, UK is a big place, but this is being updated. If the area you require is not listed, please drop me a message and I will see to it.



To avoid losing the desired page, use PayPal and make an immediate payment via link below:

Slots required


Alternatively contact us via Facebook link below or click here via our Contact us form




Homepage reserved

Turnaround time usually a few days (ads) and within a week (menus).

All pages has only one advertising slots.

Immediate payment listing an available page will be notified within 24 hours, so please provide contact details.

Site has an 99.99% uptime


*The limitation will be at my discretions, just so we can stay ethical, I am sure you understand.

**Tier 2 – as there are only 5 pages, a slot will be £490.00 a year (e.g., contact us for more info