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Beauty Treatments

  • Hands and Feet Treatments

    Jessica Hands and Feet Treatments

    Jessica natural nail treatments are designed to meet the needs of specific nail problems. Helping natural nails that are inclined to peel, split or break. Jessica products also treat dry, brittle, dehydrated, weak damaged or normal nails. So, to encourage natural nail growth on all nail types use Jessica nail products.

    Jessica Manicure – 1hr @ £21.00
    Jessica Manicure course of 6 - @ £100.00
    Jessica French Manicure -1 hr @ £24.00
    Luxury Jessica Manicure with Heated Mittens – 1 hr 15mins @ 26.00
    Jessica File & Paint with Polish – 30mins @ £16.00
    Jessica Pedicure -1hr @ £25.00
    Jessica French Pedicure - 1hr @ £27.00

    Acrylic Nail Extensions

    These nail enhancements give you a strong, flexible natural looking finish. So, whatever the condition of your own nails, or your own lifestyle we can create for you a perfect set of nails instantly.

    Acrylic Nail Extensions with Design – 2 hrs @ £35.00
    Acrylic Nail Extensions with Gel - 2 hrs @ £30.00
    Acrylic Infills with Gel -1hr 30mins @ £25.00
    Acrylic Overlays with Gel - 1hr 30mins @ £30.00
    Acrylic Soak Off – 30mins @ £10.00
    Acrylic Nail Repair-per-nail -15mins @ £5.00

    Gel Nails

    IBD Gel polish has the added benefit of the strength of a gel. Up to 2 weeks extended wear, chip resistant, no smudging and flawless, dries in seconds as well as protecting your nail.

    Gel File & Paint (Nail or Toes) – 45mins @ £23.00
    Gel French File & Paint - 1hr @ £25.00
    Gel Manicure -1 hr 15 mins @ 26.00
    Gel Pedicure -1hr @ £33.00
    Gel Soak Off or Repair - 30mins @ £5.00
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Our aim

To offer the best range of treatments both for beauty and mental well-being, in a comfortable and safe environment.

Our commitment is to bring you the latest reputable products and proven treatment methods. We are also a hair salon, to visit our sister website Click Here »

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